Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our services

Does a complete traditional attire count as 1 item? 

No it doesn’t, the top is one item , trouser counts as another item.. ohhh yeah the agbada counts as one item too… ? shhhh , Yh I know we are awesome. 1 agbada = 1 item

Can I add Agbada to the items in my package?

Yes, we want you to look the best when you go for that owambe in your complete attire

Do you render express services?

Yes we do, but at an extra cost.

Do you offer dry cleaning? .

Yes, we offer drycleaning but at special prices. See price list for more details.

NB: please do not include dryclean only garments to your package. If you wish to, please notify us. This will also attract separate charges

Does a pair of Socks count as 1 item?

Errr… No it doesn’t, 🙁 .. one pair = 2 items.

Can I include a blazer?

No ,blazers and suits will be charged separately.

How long does it take to deliver my laundry?

Because we want you to look fresher than your haters 3-5 days

Can I roll over my items if I don’t exhaust it in a month?

Items not exhausted In a month can’t be rolled over to the next month. We wish we could roll it over like your data bundle but… 🙁

Do you provide minor repair services for clothing items?

Yes 🙂 we do but at your request, we don’t want you looking fresh and clean in torn clothes. This might attract a token though.

Will my curtains be billed with my package?

No 🙁 , because your curtains will need extra extra special care it will be billed separately from your package.